Alaska Day Care Centers

At last count Alaska had four hundred and fifty two thousand children under the age of four, and about two hundred and ten day care centers and pre-schools to cover that figure. Standards of health and safety that Alaska day care centers must meet include careful attention paid to immunization programs, to the guidance and qualifications of the staff, as well as specific safe sleeping criteria that can prevent SIDS, also known as sudden infant death syndrome. A daycare center also needs to show that it is prepared for emergencies, including running regular fire drills. Playground devices need to be child friendly. Alaska requires that all staff employed in Alaska day care centers undergo extensive background checks, including checking the fingerprint databases and checks of the child abuse and sex offender registries. Educational requirements can vary depending on the position of a staff member in the hierarchy of the day care center, with directors requiring college credits.

We currently have 245 listings for day care centers and child care providers spanning 35 cities in Alaska. Please select your city in Alaska to see the day care centers, nannies, after school programs, and other child care providers for Alaska.

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