District Of Columbia Day Care Centers

It is usual for DC day care centers to be extremely comfortable and child oriented, with specially designed bathrooms, kitchens, play areas and classrooms. Daycare centers work all the year round, including summer time, and the state itself goes out of it's way to provide aid for needy families. The state, besides handling licensing of DC day care centers, also runs quality initiatives and subsidies for those who cannot afford day care. The rates for DC day care centers tend to be more expensive for infants and become more manageable as a child grows older ∼ for example, while the parents of an infant would pay around eleven thousand a year, the parents of a four year old would pay only eight thousand per year. Educational requirements for the staff of DC day care centers are extremely high, with a teacher being required to have either a bachelor's degree or at least two years of college with credits in a child-care related field ∼ educational requirements that are usually director-level in many other states.

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