Iowa Day Care Centers

The government of the state of Iowa understands that considerable importance should be given to regulating Iowa day care centers, because it not only ensures mental and physical development of the child, as well as supervision all through the day, especially when parents are forced to work and are unable to take care of the child for a certain number of hours every day, but also because day care promotes socialization in a child and the building up of some social skills. With this in mind, the state of Iowa has several innovations in place to ensure that the day care provided is of the best possible quality. One of these innovations is the fact that all records of complaints and violation among Iowa day care centers is kept public and anyone can look at it in any time. This is extremely useful to parents who want to do a background check upon a day care center in the state. Remember that according to the laws of Iowa a daycare center need not acquire a license if it cares for less than six children.

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