Indiana Day Care Centers

Indiana has strictly enforced child care laws to ensure that children are protected and are in a healthy environment in Indiana day care centers. Knowing these laws and how they work can be crucial to running a successful day care center. However, a child care or day care center that provides for the needs of less than six children at the most is not required to have a license under the laws of state of Indiana, and neither is a day care center that cares for migrant children. However, there are very strict background checks enforced upon the day care center staff in the state of Indiana. Staff members of Indiana day care centers must not only pass the criteria of not having a record for sexual or child abuse, but must also have no record of cruelty towards either humans or animals. Basic first year training and CPR is also required in members of the staff. You also need to be aware that certain ratio of children to staff must be maintained at all times.

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