Kentucky Day Care Centers

The state of Kentucky does not pay too much attention to how Kentucky day care centers are run. For example, the mandatory inspection is only conducted once annually, and the staff of a daycare center is not required to have any specific educational qualifications, neither are the attendants and teachers in the center required to have even a high school diploma, nor are directors of such centers required to possess a college degree. Also, the ratio of children to staff is not overseen nor it is specified by governments regulations. However, background checks for sexual offences and child molestation are in place. To balance the general lack of regulation, state inspectors conduct inspections of Kentucky day care centers randomly and routinely. These inspections are completely unannounced to ensure effectiveness. Also, the state issues specific guidelines as to what developmental skills need to be covered by the daycare courses and also as to safety standards that need to be met by the day care center, including fire safety and health procedures.

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