Louisiana Day Care Centers

Louisiana state law requires that all Louisiana day care centers be properly supervised by a full time director. This staff member ensures that state criteria for day care centers are met at all times. Guidelines for the director's role are very specific and ensure that a director in a larger daycare center may only fulfill a management position. Daycare centers are also required in the state of Louisiana to maintain staff both for the preparation of food and for purposes of house keeping. Moreover, under the laws of the state of Louisiana a daycare center may not ask parents to sign official waver that deprives them of their rights to sue for damages in case of any accident or injury. Clear records are also kept in Louisiana day care centers as to the member of the family or the guardian who drops off the child and the person who picks up the child, thereby adding an extra measure of safety. There are many lesser guidelines, as for example, a mandatory hour long rest period for children of less than five years of age.

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