Missouri Day Care Centers

Missouri law is less restrictive than the law in many other states in that it is only when Missouri day care centers care for more than twenty children that you are required to register your establishment as a licensed daycare center. In applying for such a license, of course, the operators of Missouri day care centers have to comply with many safety protocols, and the staff that an operator of such a center employs must come up to standards required by the state law and also must pass extensive background checks with the FBI, sex offenders and child abuse registries. When applying for a license, a person also needs to provide a sketch that will demonstrate to those assessing your center for a license the layout of your facility. This sketch should include not only the position of the rooms that will actually house the children, but also restroom facilities, kitchens and offices. Dimensions that you provide with the sketch will later be verified by a competent authority dispatched by the government. And of course information on the policies of Missouri day care centers also needs to be included.

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