North Dakota Day Care Centers

The law of North Dakota requires that anyone is a supervisory position in North Dakota day care centers should have demonstrated sufficient ability in the past in working with children, and to have demonstrated an affinity with children. There are very specific educational requirements specified, and these include a degree or university points in child development or a related field, or, alternatively a Montessori certification. For those not in a supervisory role, a high school diploma is considered sufficient, coupled, of course with real experience in the field working under careful supervision for a period that is at least a year. As in many states, it is considered necessary to have a larger number of staff to oversee the smaller children, especially infants, who require one staff member per four infants. These ratios are more relaxed for older children, of course. Child care is fractionally cheaper in North Dakota day care centers than it is in some other states, with a parent paying, on average, about six or seven thousand per child, per year.

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