South Dakota Day Care Centers

Considerable attention is paid by the government of the state of South Dakota to the running of South Dakota day care centers. There are a host of requirements that must be met both prior to the granting of a day care center license, requirements that of course must continue to be met after the license has been granted as well. There are different standards that a day care center has to meet, including the level and safety of the environment provided to the children, the education and level of expertise of the staff, the conditions of the restrooms and kitchen areas, and even the general layout of the center itself. Educational qualifications for teachers, for South Dakota day care centers, are generally higher than elsewhere in the country, being a minimum of a bachelor's degree in any field related to the education of children, plus two years of actual working experience caring for children.

We currently have 337 listings for day care centers and child care providers spanning 117 cities in South Dakota. Please select your city in South Dakota to see the day care centers, nannies, after school programs, and other child care providers for South Dakota.

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