Massachusetts Day Care Centers

Massachusetts laws require that people working in Massachusetts day care centers and who have the active supervision of children have a high school diploma at the very least, or at least nine months of work experience, supervised by someone with the required level of qualification. Besides these, an attendant or a staff member in a daycare center is required to have three credit course specializing in child care or child development. Associated degrees and courses are also accepted. A certain ratio of children to staff is strictly enforced by the government of Massachusetts. For example, in the case of infants, there may be no more than three infants for each staff member. In the case of toddlers, there may be no more than four. In the case of preschool children there may be no more than ten preschoolers for every one staff member in a daycare center. And of course, as in most of the states, health standards and safety precautions, such as fire safety, are also applied in Massachusetts day care centers.

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